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Latin America: Cracking the Glass Ceiling

Here’s an interesting fact on regional gender representation in business coming from the Inter-American Dialogue: According to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis, only nine of the top 500 companies in Latin America were run by women in 2012. And although nearly 40 percent of Executives

Gender equality in research: reason to be cautiously optimistic

Fresh data from the European Commission shows there is an increase in new female graduates. But a lack of women in leadership roles is a continuing problem, says Curt Rice, who leads Norway’s committee on gender balance in research. Read the article by Éanna Kelly

ICC nominates first female president

Elected in March 2015, Silvia Fernandez de Gurmendi of Argentina is the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) first female president. Along with vice presidents Joyce Aluoch and Kuniko Ozaki—from Kenya and Japan respectively—will be responsible for smooth running of the judicial, administrative and external relations functions of