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2019 Election Results: The path to full gender equality in international justice!

One of GQUAL’s objectives is to spread information about the election process for international courts and monitoring organizations. In doing so, the campaign is hoping to generate awareness about the lack of women’s representation in these spaces.

Through the Gqual Jobs Board, we monitor the composition of these international organizations, and data is later published under the hashtag #PSAForParity or #AvisoPorLaParidad on our social media, so that more women will know which positions are open in order to run for them. The six following elections took place in 2019:

International Organization Date of Nominations Date of Elections Available Positions Current Female/Male Ratio Total women nominated Results female/male ratio Relevant links
Inter-American Commission for Human RightsMarch 28, 2019June 26-28, 201944/33/53/1
Committee Against TortureJune 31, 2019October 3, 201954/64/122/3https://www/
Committee of Forced DisappearancesMarch 8, 2019June 25,
Committee of Migrant WorkersMarch 31, 2019June 10,
Committee for the Elimination of Racial DiscriminationFebruary 27, 2019June 21, 201998/108/106/3
Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in the Central African Republic
HRC 42 September 9-27, 2019 1 1/0 1/0 0/1

The results showed that there were 31 available positions, with 49 people nominated, 19 of which were women, making them 38% of all the people nominated. When the results of these elections are analyzed carefully, it’s clear that out of the 31 elected officials, 14 were women, making them 45.1% of the total, and the 17 men who were elected 54.8%.

GQUAL recognizes growth in these results, and we celebrate much of it; for example, that the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights will be led primarily by women for the first time (4 women and 1 man). With all this in mind, we continue to aspire to call to attention the parity inequity evident in the election and nomination process of women for international organizations. 

#ChangeThePicture #PSForParity