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The GQUAL Declaration

The GQUAL Declaration is our founding document and establishes our primary strategies and goals. The Declaration was first presented in September of 2015 at United Nations headquarters in New York City. It has since been signed by more than 1,500 people from across the world, including former and current members of international courts, prominent academics, activists, lawyers, human rights defenders, judges, public officials, government representatives, diplomats, journalists, and artists.

The Declaration establishes the following key points:

  1. To ensure that Governments select and vote on candidates with the objective of achieving gender parity in international bodies and tribunals.
  2. To request that States and International Organizations develop mechanisms, guidelines, and standards in order to promote the equitable representation of women in these areas.
  3. To inspire all who are interested in the Campaign to share our call to action!

You can read the GQUAL Declaration here and see a list of the signatories here. Please note that this list of signatories reflects those who signed between the 2015 launch and 2017.

The campaign launch event is available here.