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Out now: our 2019 Activities Report

2019 was a busy year for the GQUAL Campaign. To date, GQUAL has successfully drawn global attention to the need and importance of women’s equal representation in international justice and the relation that exists between the lack of women in these bodies and the legitimacy

#PodcastforParity v. 2.0 E 04: Josephine Jarpa Dawuni

Check out our podcast with  Josephine Jarpa Dawuni, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Howard University, on the African Court on Human and People´s Rights. SPEAKER #PODCASTFORPARITY Josephine  Jarpa Dawuni Assistant Professor of Political Science at Howard University click the image to access the podcast

#PodcastforParity v. 2.0 E 04: Cecilia Medina

Check out our podcast with Cecilia Medina, former president of the Inter-American Court on Human Rights where we talk about her professional and personal experiences as a female jurist. SPEAKER #PODCASTFORPARITY Cecilia Medina Former President of the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (Interview in Spanish

#PodcastforParityV.2.0 E 02: Melissa Upreti

Check out or Podcast with Melissa Upreti, Member the Working Group on discrimination against women in law and in practice, where we discuss the importance of law with a gender based perspective! SPEAKER #PODCASTFORPARITY Melissa Upreti Member of the Working Group on discrimination against women

#PodcastforParityV.2.0 E 01: Ana María Menendez

Check out our podcast with Ana María Menendez, UN Under Secretary General and Senior Advisor of the Secretary General on Policy, where we discuss the synergies between GQUAL and the UN Secretary General´s plan to promote parity within the United Nations! SPEAKER #PODCASTFORPARITY Ana María

Check out our #PodcastsforParity version 2.0

In light of our 3rd Anniversary, the GQUAL Campaign hosted a new version of our“#PodcastsforParity”- or #PodcastsforParityv.2.0 if you will- in collaboration with American University’s Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the Washington College of Law. Featuring GQUAL strategic advisers and supporters, each

GQUAL Conference Resources

 From 3 to 5 of October, 2017, the GQUAL Campaign held a Conference in The Hague.  The event counted with the participation of  foreign dignitaries, academics, students, arbiters, members of international human rights tribunals, commissions and other bodies, among others, and culminated with the adoption

#PodcastforParity on #IWD2017 week: Mirèze Philippe

Today we will be speaking with Mirèze Philippe on the work ArbitralWomen is doing to promote parity within arbitration, the importance of visibility and conversations in changing unconscious biases, and her optimism on what these calls for parity can achieve. Mirèze is currently a Special