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Latin America: Cracking the Glass Ceiling

Here’s an interesting fact on regional gender representation in business coming from the Inter-American Dialogue: According to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis, only nine of the top 500 companies in Latin America were run by women in 2012. And although nearly 40 percent of Executives cited gender diversity as a company priority, few reported having women on the executive teams. Explanations for the lack of gender diversity varied significantly. While having to do with business, the lack of Latin American women in power in boardrooms is analogous to the lack of Latin American women sitting at the decision-making table in international human rights and legal bodies. Ironically, the region counts with several current and past presidents who were women.
While the challenges are different, we can’t help but ask: Could there be some synergy that cuts across both spheres to raise more women from across the region to these positions?

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