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#PodcastsporlaParidad versión 2.0

In light of our 3rd Anniversary, the GQUAL Campaign hosted an updated version of our“#PodcastsforParity”- or #PodcastsforParityv.2.0 if you will- in collaboration with American University’s Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the Washington College of Law.

Featuring GQUAL strategic advisers and supporters, each capsule raises issues touched upon by GQUAL as it charts a path to parity in international justice.

Click the microphone to hear the full interview.




Ana María Menendez
UN Under Secretary General and
Senior Advisor of the Secretary General on Policy

Melissa Upreti
Special Rapporteur
for the Working Group on discrimination
against women in law and in practice

Cecilia Medina
Former President of the Inter-American Court
on Human Rights

(Interview in Spanish Only)

Josephine  Jarpa Dawuni
Assistant Professor of Political Science
at Howard University