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Relevant Inputs


Security Council:

Resolution 1325 of October 31, 2000 on women, peace and security. 

Human Rights Council:

Resolution 50/18 (July 2022) Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls.  Follows up on the implementation of the recommendations included in the Report of the Advisory Committee 47/51.

Resolution 47/51 (May 2021) Report of the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee: Current levels of representation of women in human rights organs and mechanisms: ensuring gender balance.

Resolution 41/6  (June 2019) which draws attention to the lack of gender balance in the UN human rights bodies, including the Special Procedures, treaty bodies and the Council’s Advisory Committee and mandates the Advisory Committee to produce a report with good practices and recommendations.

Resolution 5/1 of 18 (June 2007) establishing the need to give due consideration to gender balance in the selection of members of Special Procedures.

Human Rights Council Advisory Group (the body responsible for pre-selecting candidates for special procedures)

Information relevant to the selection of Special Procedures

Gender Parity Guidelines adopted by the Consultative Group in 2015 (without actual validity)

Office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations:

Statistics regarding the real composition of the Special Proceedings

Comité CEDAW:

CEDAW, General Recommendation No. 23 regarding Public Life and Publicized Politics in 1997


General Assembly ResolutionAG/CG/doc.10/22 . “Promotion and Protection of Human Rights” approved October 2022.

General Assembly Resolution RES. 1149 (2278/20) “Representation and Participation of Women in the OEA” approved March 2020

General Assembly Resolution RES. 2941 (XLIX-O/19) “Promotion and Protection of Human Rights” published June 2019

General Assembly Resolution RES. 2928 (XLVIII-O/18) “Promotion and Protection of Human Rights” published June 2018

General Assembly Resolution RES. 2908 (XLVII-O/17) “Promotion and Protection of Human Rights” published June 2017

General Assembly Resolution RES. 2887 (XLVI-O/16) “Promotion and Protection of Human Rights” published June 2016

Speech by Judge Odio Benito on composition of jurisdictional bodies and gender parity before the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs (CAJP)

Afroukh, M., Lécuyer, Y., (2020). “Sur une exception francaise: La procédure de désignation des candidats au poste de juge à la Cour Européenne des droits de l’homme”, RDLF 2020 chron. n°04. 

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