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AVAAZIn the early days of the campaign, GQUAL circulated a declaration that was signed by more than 680 prominent women and men. We’ve since opened up the declaration and made it a petition so that anyone who is compelled by the importance of our mission can sign in solidarity.

Click the image to find the petition and help us by supporting and sharing it!

View the GQUAL Declaration!

Check out the more than 1,000 prominent signatures who share GQUAL’s objectives!

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  1. As a judge I have the deep conviction that equality and non-discrimination are rights.

  2. gender parity is as natural -and necessary- as breathing. it shouldn’t be an issue. it should be Reality

  3. Its time to change the persistent exclusion of women as decision-makers on international courts of all kinds.

  4. I am in full support of this Petition: May the Goals of Equality and Diversity remain forever at the forefront of our minds and actions